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Vice President of China Feed Industry Association and Professor Zhang Lili of Chinese Min University came to Fast for guidance


On June 28th, the sun was shining brightly, and Jiangsu Fast Machinery Co., Ltd. welcomed Professor Zhang Lixiu of China's agricultural and animal husbandry industry vip ----Chinese Min University.


Zhang Liyu is the vice president of China Feed Industry Association, a professor and doctoral supervisor of Chinese Min University, and the director of China Animal Husbandry and Feed Industry Research Center. He has long provided strategic consulting and training services for Chia Tai Group, Wen's Group, New Hope Group, Dabeinong Group and other enterprises, and is currently an independent director of Chia Tai Group and Anyou Group.








Tang Jinxiang, general manager of Jiangsu Fast Machinery Co., Ltd., reported in detail to Professor Zhang Liyu on the company's corporate culture, business philosophy, technological innovation, core products, model projects and the company's development since its inception, as well as the strategic planning for the next five years.






Professor Zhang listened to the report while making a record, and used four unexpected things for the development of Jiangsu Fast: the first did not expect that the development speed was so fast; The second did not expect that the company's technology was so advanced; The third thing I didn't expect was that the company gathered so many outstanding talents in the industry; The fourth thing I didn't expect was that the development results were so good.






Professor Zhang commented that Jiangsu Fast is an excellent feed machinery enterprise with hard work and leading technology, which has made great contributions to industry innovation. At the same time, Professor Zhang also gave professional guidance to Jiangsu Fast: attach importance to brand promotion planning and create product highlights; Under the new situation, a strategic cooperation alliance with large feed enterprises is formed; And invited Jiangsu Fast to participate in the 19th Winners Forum.








After the meeting, Professor Zhang Lili and his entourage also visited the new factory in Fast, Jiangsu Province, which is under construction, and gave a very high evaluation of the scale, scientific layout and intelligence of the factory.









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